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At Vidreira Ideal do Fundão, we have spared no effort to keep up with the innovations that emerge on a daily basis and to maintain a sustainable growth that allows us to move forward being of progress and continue to gain the recognition and demand of the most demanding. Those who value the quality of the service provided.

As predicted by ecologists over the past decade, care for the environment and environmental concerns are no longer just a legal obligation, but are now in the daily headlines of news around the world.

In this scenario, we are proud to note that never before has the glass sector been so aligned with the global goals of the planet as it is now.


Glass offers the customer a much higher quality of life than competing materials, as its widely recognised properties give it a prominent place in the creation and vertical integration of the most diverse solutions.


Being a product of excellence, properly used provides elegance, economy and safety, besides being an ecological, environmentally friendly and recyclable material.


We have made efforts in many ways to present these assets to the final consumer, exploring all these aspects in a creative way and in tune with current reality.


Regardless of the energy savings that ConforGlass® glass provides, there are important gains that cannot be measured when living in an environment such as the one where glass is properly applied.

The use of insulated glazing with solar control and thermic isolation will improve the comfort of your home both in winter as in summer.


In winter it keeps the heat inside your house which allows you to maintain a stable temperature thus avoiding the excessive use of electrical appliances to compensate for losses. In summer it allows the entrance of light but reduces the heat penetration.

By reducing energy consumption, it allows the reduction of CO² emissions which contributes to the protection of the environment.



With the adapted safety glass,  SecurLam® and SecurGlass® can prevent any risk of serious injury in case of shock or accidental breakage.


In addition to fulfilling accident prevention functions, they have also protection characteristics, because they have an anti-fraction function, which in the event of rupture does not defragment and makes it possible to preserve the safety of the property to be safeguarded.

Make use of transparency without headaches or worries. These ranges can also be combined with other high performance glass.

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The SecurLac and SeriGlass®  ranges allow us to create the most diverse designs, leaving only limits to the imagination.

Thanks to a wide range of themes, designs and textures, glass is becoming more and more an element of excellence in the interior decoration of your home.

This makes it easier to transform each division into zones of excellence, which have become a pleasant surprise.

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