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Manufactured according to the certified process and the required European standards, it offers excellent heat and cold protection benefiting the environment with a reduction in heating/cooling costs and improved comfort on glazed surfaces.

This double glazing is composed for two or more glasses separated by a hermetically filled space with treated air.

The compositions are in accordance with the existing needs for a better environment and behavior.

Solar control, thermal comfort and acoustic comfort are the purposes that fit this type of glass.

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Tempered glass is obtained from annealed glass. In case of rupture, the glass fragments into small pieces, reducing the risk of accident by cutting.

Where the use of glass can pose a danger to the physical integrity of people, the use of tempered glass is recommended.

In this way its applicability is vast in everyday life. We can find this type of glass, for example, on the sides of cars, so that a possible impact caused by an accident breaks the glass without hurting the victim, on glass doors, windows, bathrooms, among others.


Laminated temperated glass is composed of two or more tempered or not glasses, placed between one or several polyvinyl butyral (PVB) films that glue them together. The film between the glasses guarantees a higher level of safety, thus creating a safe and adaptable glass to the most different needs.

The main characteristic of this glass, is that once it is broken, it does not fall apart, but remains united, eliminating the possibility of accidents.

In laminated tempered glass there is also the privilege of increased safety levels due to the characteristics of tempered or thermo-hardened glass.

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This kind of glass is opacified. It consists of the bottom in painted glass and later vitrified through tempering, obtaining in this way the characteristics of the tempered glass, but in any wished colour.

The opacification process is the best method when you want to create coloured glass.

It can be used in exterior and interior spaces, allowing you to achieve an impressive and unique effect in any application, from the blind areas of facades, home decoration, offices, shops, and many others.


Imagination is all you need, and the result will be a personalised space.

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Silk-screened tempered glass is essentially for decorative use, but it can also have brightness control functions.

It has numerous uses, whether in construction, furniture, the automotive industry, or any other application aimed at aesthetics, such as facades, skylights, interior decoration, walkways, etc.

Besides the esthetic aspect, the relationship between the transparent and covered areas of the design results in different levels of shading and light transmission.

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