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With 45 years of experience and knowledge in the industry, we are able to give you the best advice, in the realization of your works.

Together with our team of engineers and architects, we will work to make your ideas take shape and the ideal solution found, so that your project is the same as what you have designed. As each project has different requirements, we look at each one differently, studying the work and suggesting the most suitable product for the job.



We have the solution for your ideas!

Contact us and request your free quote. No matter the size of your work, we will make the budget according to your indications, guaranteeing the best type of glass for each situation and always at a fair price.




We run the operation in facilities with a covered area of 10.000m2, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which makes us capable of producing all types of glass and at any scale. From the small work of cutting glass to the measure for the local contractor, such as the production and transformation of various types of glass for contracts of enormous size. Thanks to the latest generation machinery, highly technological and qualified staff with several years of experience in this work, makes us capable of performing the most diverse services.



Our assembly teams are multidisciplinary, with several years of experience in the area and knowledgeable of the different typologies and characteristics of the products and how each one should be installed, in different scenarios.

We invest in qualification and constant training, so that the working methods are of excellence.

We deliver anywhere in the world and make available if requested the necessary workforce to assemble them.



We export our products all over the world!

We have several works already made abroad, in countries like Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, Congo, France, Belgium and many others. The long years of experience accumulated operating in our country and the recognized quality of our products, has also enabled us to open the doors to new markets and to be able to offer our products and services in a competitive way. We have the capacity to export to any part of the world, to operate in any job and in any quantity.

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Our focus is always on customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are available to provide the necessary support and follow-up after any service provided. To ensure the maximum effectiveness of our service, we have a team always ready to solve any problem that arises and we guarantee the mobility of technical assistance teams throughout the country and abroad, whenever necessary. We are also always available to clarify any questions about our products, orders, invoicing or others.

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