Energy Certification.

The use of double glass-reinforced thermal insulation and solar control will improve the comfort of your home both winter and summer. In winter keeps you warm inside your home that allows you to maintain a stable temperature thus avoiding the excessive use of electrical appliances to offset losses in the summer lets in light but reduces heat input.
With the reduction of energy consumption allows for a reduction ² CO emissions which contributes to environmental protection.

Currently, all new or old buildings that wish to be traded must be accompanied by a document energy rating (Energy Certificate). The glass has a leading role in this certificate since it allows use of large spaces in light without compromising the thermal and acoustic insulation. Come visit our showroom, have several practical examples that will allow you to watch yourself.

Spaces of Light with all Security.

With safety glasses tailored, SECURLAM e SECURGLASS, can prevent any risk of serious injury in the event of shock or accidental breakage.

In addition to fulfilling functions of preventing accidents, there are glasses with protective characteristics of goods, since they have the anti-fraction function, that a rupture not defragment and help to preserve the safety of property to protect. Make use of transparency without headaches or concerns. These ranges can also be combined with other high performance glass.

Give wings to your imagination

Be creative without fear!

Thanks to a wide range of motifs, designs and textures, glass is increasingly an element of excellence in interior decoration of your home.

With ranges: SECURCOLOR, SERIGLASS, SECURLAM e SECURGLASS, transforming every division into zones of excellence will be a pleasant surprise.