About us

About us


Name: Vidreira Ideal do Fundão

Birthday: 28 November 1975

Location: Fundão, Cova da Beira, PORTUGAL

Vidreira Ideal do Fundão, Lda. was founded in November 28, 1975 in Inner Border Country.

The Company has acquired extensive experience in the glass sector and able to meet the challenges of an increasingly demanding market , with regard to quality .

Over these past thirty- five years of activity could change several pages of its history .

New technologies implemented in equipment for the Glass Industry deserved this Company acuity required for in due time carry out the conversion of the various production departments and is currently completing a new factory installed with latest technology and with a covered area of 5,250 m2 .

In search of a better customer satisfaction , Vidreira Ideal do Fundão Lda. has spared no effort , and advancing on the progress and keeping pace with economic growth , enabling it to continue to garner recognition and demand of discerning , those who value the quality of service provided .

The VIF is on the market to produce Double Glass with Quality Certified . ConforGlass® is your product of choice .

Screen-printed tempered glass providing an unmatched aesthetics, privacy and solar control – SERIGLASS® .

Tinted glass – SecurColor® .

Tempered glass and laminated glass that offer a single security – and Securglass® SecurLam® .

All kinds of manufactures that embellish the glass .

Teams specializing in the assembly of all types of glass for the whole country , Spain and Islands .

Vidreira Ideal do Fundão, Lda. is competing at the level of the best companies in the glassmaking industry and commitment to quality and training to support the future of their business .


The trajectory of success Vidreira Ideal do Fundão, Lda. began in November 1975 , when it was installed in the city of Fundão the first transforming unit of glass .

In 1976 Mr. Vitor Rebordão took over, a bold entrepreneur with great business vision , which began the process of growth , development and expansion of the company , making it one of the most efficient in its class from North to South of the country.

Following the trends and needs of the market continues to invest in new technologies , improving production and quality , faster , efficient service with high standard requirement.

Presented in 2004 to market a new brand SECURGLASS ® , unleashing an innovative offer security and a new range of products , SECURLAM® , SECURCOLOR® and SERIGLASS® .

Given the increasing volume of sales , in 2006 a new production line double glazing was installed, again expanding its production capacity.

Such investments underpinned the growth in the year 2007 , 46 % over the previous year.

Given the growth in 2007, it was possible to plan for 2008 a framework for investment in a project designed to support inserted in the NSRF , this project , in partnership with UBI – University of Beira Interior , will enable investment in innovation and research , their valuable components for the continuation of the objectives set for this year.



Vidreira Ideal do Fundão, Lda. has spared no effort , advancing on the path of progress and keeping pace with economic growth , enabling it to continue to gain recognition and demand of discerning , those who value the quality of service provided .

As predicted by ecologists in the 1990s , care for the environment , today, no longer just a formality with the laws and now occupies the news headlines from around the world .
In this scenario . we report that glass sector never been so aligned with the overall objectives of the planet as now .

The glass gives the customer a quality of life far superior compared to competing materials , to allow greater use of natural lighting and collaborate significantly with thermal and acoustic comfort of environments .
Regardless of the energy savings that ConforGlass® provides , there are important gains that are not measured when one lives in an environment as one in which the glass is applied appropriately.
Among some gains the glass provides better health and even increased productivity .

Vidreira Ideal do Fundão, Lda. thanks to all of the above has been active in many ways to present these gains to the final consumer , exploring these aspects of creative and in tune with the current fashion reality .